Living with the Word of God as our final authority

Biblical Authority (2 Timothy 3:16-17; Revelation 22:18-19)
God, we will be quick to believe and obey what You say in Your Word.

Flexible organizational structures and strategies

Flexible Structure (1 Corinthians 9:22; Proverbs 18:15)
God, we will maintain the integrity of Your Word while remaining flexible in developing creative strategies and structures that promote transformation and growth.

Living our complete lives as worship to God with the purpose of glorifying the Father

Life Purpose (Romans 12:1-2; 1 Corinthians 10:31)
God, we will live our lives as a demonstration of our desire to glorify You.

Developing the same level of intimate relationship with God that Jesus had

Intimacy with God (John8:28-29; John 17:21-23, Matthew 6:33)
God, we will make our relationship with You our top priority.

Developing intimate relationships with others as defined in the Great Commandment

Authentic Community (Matthew 22:38-39; John 15:13)
God, we will live out our love for You through our love for each other.

Doing our part to fulfill the Great Commission

Faith Dependent Assignment (Matthew 28:18-20; John 14:12)
God, we will continue the ministry of Your Son, Jesus Christ, until He returns; and we will prepare others to do the same.

Living out a global Kingdom mentality

Kingdom Mentality (Matthew 28:19; Acts 1:8)
God, we will embrace all Your work and all Your people around the world.

Being empowered by the Holy Spirit in all that we do

Holy Spirit Empowered Ministry (Acts 1:8; John 14:12)
God, we will depend on Your Holy Spirit to give us the gifts and power necessary to be the people you call us to be in order to accomplish Your assignments.