Here is an awesome testimony from Cari Derby:

This is long, but God’s worth it. And I pray understanding for each and every person that reads this, that as you take the time to read this God will show up in a powerful way in your heart and life! I’ve been asking God (for a long time) to hear from Him, things about people, that would bless them, encourage them and in turn lead them to Him. I’m in a Restarting class which focuses on the importance of healing, relationships, addiction recovery etc. I signed up for snack tonight so I needed something simple and quick! I decided to do chex mix in a bowl with dark chocolate M & M’s. As I was doing that, I heard God tell me to put one wrapped Hershey egg in the chex mix bowl. And I proceeded to have this conversation with God: Why would I do that? He said, because whoever finds that egg I have a word for them. So I said, what’s the word?! And He said I’ll tell you when they find it. (Which caused a good amount of fear and requires a good amount of trust.) I immediately thought “they’re going to think it’s weird! Who does this?!” And He said, I do. So, I decided to go with it. Once at Restarting, people started to get snack and we all sat down. Katrina spoke up surprised and said, I found an egg! I was just as excited and said, you found it! I started to hear what God wanted me to say to her (!!!) which was beyond exciting for me! I feel like God wants you to know you are unique and you carry your own light in the mix of diversity (chex mix/people.) Come to find out, it blessed her and was what she needed to hear! Who knew God would use a bowl of chex mix and a Hershey’s egg to show love to somebody?! I totally love the creativity of it. It required me to risk and trust Him, and He (as usual) was faithful.

Another part to Gods amazingness…I saw a piece of a feather (which has been happening pretty often to me!) floating down in front of me today during a rather negative experience, and I totally felt peace and felt God say, I’ll show you what that means at the right time. Well, after sharing that story tonight at Restarting, Katrina gave me a word (don’t you love how God works?! I do!!). She said a white feather symbolizes Truth. She gave me Psalm 91:4 NKJV (He shall cover you with His feathers, and under His wings you shall take refuge; His truth shall be your shield and buckler!) and she said she felt like God was saying, in the midst of all the negative, He will show me the Truth. And THEN as I was leaving, Katrina realized she had a white feather pattern on her shirt! Haha! Coincidence? I think NOT. I have been searching and pushing into God for more of who He created me to be, my true identity, and boy has He shown up! I choose to fight the negative I feel about myself, and press into God and His Truth about who He created me to be.

God also gave me a picture of a childhood negative experience I hadn’t even realized was negative. He showed me these arrows flying at me. Before they hit me, they fell to the ground. I picked them up and put them in a satchel on my back and I felt like He said, the very things meant for your harm you will be used for the good of the Kingdom and for ministry to others! Man, I am overwhelmed by God and yet still desiring more and more!