Where are your children’s programs held?

At Hope Church we have three separate children’s ministry classrooms.

• Nursery for children from birth to age 3
• Pre-school for children from age 3 to 5
• Kids Church for children in kindergarten to 5th grade.

When are your children’s programs available?

All three classrooms are available for the Saturday night services, beginning at 6:45 p.m. and the Nurserys and Pre-school room are open for the Sunday morning services beginning at 10:15. For the Sunday morning services, the pre-school aged children are invited to join the Kids Church children in the Kids room.

Are children ABLE to enter and exit the classrooms by themselves?

All children must be checked into their classrooms using the Kid Check System by a responsible adult (Guardian). Children are not able to leave their classrooms without adult supervision (restroom breaks are facilitated by teachers). When the service ends, the child’s supervising (Guardian) adult is required to collect their child/children from the classrooms.

What kinds of activities take place during classroom times?

Each classroom is tailored to age-appropriate activities:
Nursery - infants and young toddlers will have supervised play-time, snacks, and a movie or story.

Pre-school - children will be taught from a bible story curriculum, and activities will include prayer/worship, crafts/games, snacks and play- time.

Kids Church - the children are read specific passages/stories from the Bible and they will participate in activities, crafts and games that reinforce the theme of the story.

How do I know my child is safe?

All of the HOPE Kids volunteers are submitted to a background check and are under consistent supervision from Pastors Brad and Jenny Kyle. Each classroom has a set of disciplinary procedures and access to assistance at all times. In the Nursery and Pre-school rooms, parents will be texted to signal a parent to return to child's room.

How do I know when my child is ready to move to another room?

When a toddler has reached the age of 3 and has successfully potty-trained, that child is ready to move to the Summit room. Likewise, if a pre-schooler has started kindergarten, they are welcomed to join the school-aged children in the Kid’s room.

Who do I contact if I have questions?

For any further questions regarding HOPE Kids, please contact Christy Johnston, at 307-472-HOPE.