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Senior Leaders

Brad & Jenny Kyle

Brad and Jenny have been at HOPE since its birth in 2001 doing anything and everything with servants' hearts. Investing in leading nearly every ministry of HOPE for the last 17 years, the Kyles are now serving as the Senior Leaders of HOPE Family. Brad and Jenny are originally from Kansas City, KS. Brad has a MA of Theology and a MA of Divinity, and Jenny has a BA in Education.

Brad's and Jenny's style of ministry is team all the way, selflessly and intentionally capitalizing on the strengths of each other and their team leaders. Each of them loves to teach, mentor, and disciple others.  They are life-long learners! Both Brad and Jenny are passionate revivalists who have a strong calling to raise up and equip the next generation of powerful revivalists through lifestyle evangelism and loving well, starting at home with training their own boys (Andy, Izac, and Daniel) to be passionate followers of Christ and powerful Kingdom revivalists.  Offering people an encounter with Jesus is one of their greatest heartbeats! In fact, we often find them spending their personal time and resources serving others quietly just because they love people. In their spare time (yeah, right!), the Kyle family has fun homeschooling their boys, traveling, exploring, and spending every treasured moment together, whether snuggled on the couch or out and about.  This couple leaves it all on the playing field of loving well in Jesus' name. You'll love getting to know them!

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Apostolic Founding Leaders

Fred & Pat Bruner

Fred and Pat share the oversight of the congregation and take a team approach to pastoring in the vision, preaching, teaching, mentoring, discipling and counseling. They have been in ministry together since 1978 in all areas from planting churches and pastoring to youth and children’s ministry. They are a passionate couple, bold for the Word of God and protecting its truths. The desire of their heart is that people see with their spiritual eyes and hear with their spiritual ears that God is good all the time, that He has an extravagant love He is ready to rain down on us. They make known that we do not work in order to gain the favor of the Lord, but minister from the favor of the Lord, that we have already been anointed to live an Isaiah 61 lifestyle, and are, right now, already victorious. Knowing that, they say, builds confidence and boldness to do what the Lord has prepared for us to do.

Fred preaches from a place of knowing that the Lord calls him His friend. Because he knows that God is His friend and not just some far off authoritarian, he has zeal to defend and proclaim His Name. The Holy Spirit is on fire in him, and that fire pours out on the congregation during weekend services. 

He and Pat live the abundant life Christ speaks about, bearing the fruit of the Spirit and sensing God’s presence, care, and love on a daily basis. They yearn for every individual to seek and find their own spiritual gifting so they can bring those gifts into ministry and know that there is a plan and a destiny of unimaginable goodness for them, that they fit into the body of Christ in a specific spot and are designed to fulfill a purpose. 


Justin & Jazzmin Hurless

Justin and Jazzmin have been faithful members of HOPE for many years, serving in various ways. Before they were married, Justin served alongside Brad and Jenny Kyle as an assistant youth leader and has also served as a teacher at HSM. Outside of the church, Justin works as a Business Banker at Wells Fargo. Because of his financial background, he enjoys providing HOPE's staff with financial wisdom and insight. Jazzmin served in Hope's nursery ministry for many years and is currently a part of the HOPEWorship Ministry. Jazzmin has a passion for worship, and a heart to cultivate an atmosphere of His presence for others to be able to enter. Outside of the church, Jazzmin enjoys being a stay at home mom and pursuing her passion for photography.

Together, Justin and Jazzmin served alongside James and Jackie Bradley as assistant youth leaders before becoming the Youth Directors. They both have a heart for the youth of this generation, and desire to see the youth of our city transformed and on fire for God! They are blessed with 3 wonderful girls who keep them on their toes. Justin and Jazzmin enjoy spending their spare time loving their family well and raising their kids to be world changers! They also love meeting new people and encouraging others in their walk with the Father.

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Timothy & REbecca Culp

 Timothy and Rebecca both have a heart and passion for taking care of and teaching God’s children. Timothy and Rebecca have settled here in Casper where they work in the medical field and own a small horse ranch; their second passion. 
Their passion for children’s ministry started as volunteers in preschool and then led them to serving in the Kindergarten through 5th grade class. Timothy’s passion for teaching the children was further motivated and inspired when he studied about Dwight L. Moody. Rebecca is a loving and dedicated mother and carries her passion to serve others into the children’s church. 

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Worship Director

Jackie Bradley

Jackie Bradley has been a leader in HOPE Worship for many years and is currently serving as the Worship Director, continuing to develop the amazing culture of worship that exists within the HOPE Family. She is devoted to passionate, reckless worship and experiencing life-changing encounters with the Presence of God! Jackie is a team-builder who loves to see people realize their God-given destinies and takes this attitude into everything she does.

Jackie and her husband James have been invested members of HOPE's family for more than 12 years and have served as Children's Ministry Leaders and Youth Ministry Leaders. They continue to be involved in many different areas of ministry and they energetically invest their time and hearts into the people of HOPE. They have a passion to see all the generations of the Family influenced and transformed by the Kingdom of Heaven.

James and Jackie are blessed with five children and are business owners with the privilege of spreading the Kingdom in the marketplace as well as ministering within the church. James is a lover of God and that loving relationship overflows to those around him. James is compassionate, creative, and full of joy. Jackie has a tenacity for God's Word and a passion for God's intimate presence. They often have the opportunity to minister as a team and when they do, they model healthy relationship and family.        James and Jackie are relentless in their pursuit of God's will and Spirit manifested in their lives and the lives of those around them.


Events Coordinator / Administrator

Dena Puzella

Dena and Michael Puzella have been members of HOPE’s Family since shortly after it began in 2001. They are dedicated and devoted family members who willingly serve wherever they can, volunteering to help in countless ways throughout the years. Dena is a highly-skilled administrator with an exceptional gift for organizing large events and special projects. She is an invaluable help to the ministries that she administrates including HSM, the Hospitality ministries, Marriage Ministry, HOPE’s Christmas Dinners and HOPE’s Family Dinners, but she is also a strong support to the pastor’s individual administrative needs. Michael and Dena share an amazing testimony of living a life of purity in their relationship. They model a marriage based on mutual respect, love and cooperation, positively influencing not only their four wonderful children but the rest of the HOPE Family as well.


Thanya Castellon

Thanya is a passionate lover of Jesus. Her desire is to see people come to know Him in an intimate, life-changing way and experience the abundant life Jesus promises to those who believe. She loves to encourage people at any stage of life, in their daily walk with the Lord.
Full of energy and joy, Thanya brings Kingdom life into every area of ministry she serves in. Thanya has served the body of HOPE since 2010. She has invested her talent and energy in children’s church, youth ministry, young adults, women’s ministry & hospitality and she brings fiery words to the body as a whole on a regular basis.
In addition, Thanya has a heart for the global church. She ministers in areas of Mexico, Haiti, the Philippines, Peru, Nepal, Thailand, Holland, Belgium, Kenya and Burundi. Thanya is a daughter, sister, friend and amazing minister of the gospel who genuinely loves the body of Christ.