Dorothy is a 90 year old woman that has been coming into the store since we first opened.  We have been visiting about the Lord since we met.  She came in the store in October and told us her doctors said that they couldn't do anything for her.  The doctors said that she had a tumor on her pancreas and they did not want to mess with it, so they weres sending her to a specialist in Denver.  They sent up her x-rays ahead of her. 

She came in and a friend and I prayed for her and spoke to the tumor that it would be gone.  We declared that the docotors would be amazed at the difference between the old and new x-rays. Well, two weeks later she came in tumor free--nothing there--and the doctors WERE amazed.  She came into the store on February 27th and she looks great and she said she feels great!  Praise God for the power of prayer and healing.