Mary was pulling into the church parking lot, at the same time as HOPE senior leader, Fred Bruner. Fred was reaching for his bible when he noticed Mary, who looked as though she may have lost something and was looking for it. Mary was getting out of her vehicle and reaching for her Bible and purse when she experienced excruciating pain that penetrated her lower back and right side. Fred greeted Mary and asked her how she was.

Mary shared that she was in tremendous pain, that her pain level was at a 10+ on a scale of 1-10, ten being the highest. Fred immediately went over to Mary and prayed. As he was praying, the anointing hit and immediately all of the pain was gone. Mary was so excited! She was in awe and joy as she jumped up and down, shouting praises! It was such an awesome and amazing experience that she wanted to dance for Jesus!!! 

Mary had had pain in her back for a really long time, off and on. She had been praying and hoping for this healing and believing His will would come. After prayer, she knew she had experienced what she had been waiting for - Mary’s pain level was at a 0! Praise Jesus! In other circumstances, Mary had experienced warmth and levels of healing, but this day, this time, the pain was just gone, in an instant. Mary was joyful-filled and full of God’s love, which manifested on her. She went on with her day, sharing this testimony of Jesus with her family and friends.