Pastor Brad was the Pastor-On-Call when he was contacted about a man who was in the hospital, in ICU, and on his fifth day in a coma. When Pastor Brad arrived to the man’s hospital room no one else was in the room, so he began to pray over him. As he was praying he saw the man’s legs begin to move. He continued to pray and the man opened his eyes! A doctor walked in the room and shared that the man had not been awake since going into the coma. The doctor then shared more specific medical things that needed to happen quickly for the man, and Pastor Brad prayed for exactly what the doctor asked.  He then left the hospital.  The next day Pastor Brad went to check on the man and he had already been moved out of ICU and on to a regular floor room. When he went to his new room the man was sitting up eating solid food!!  A couple of days later the man was discharged from the hospital!