Meet Catie and Chad Reay. They have three beautiful children. They would like to share a story that is close to their hearts with you. Catie almost died while giving birth to their middle child. A specialist gave them the report at that time that she would no longer be able to carry children. However, much to their delight, Catie found out she was pregnant for a third time. Her specialist told her, "I cannot support the continuing of this pregnancy. Here are some options for termination. I highly suggest you discuss this with your spouse as I believe terminating this pregnancy will save your life." She was handed a few pamphlets to clinics that would perform the abortion for her. The specialist continued, "Due to the complications from your previous pregnancy, you are guaranteed to stroke out and die 60% of the way through the pregnancy, and if anything, it is possible you could throw a blood clot before then, which would leave you needing a lifetime of rehab." Together, as a couple, they wept (a lot) and prayed. They became prayer warriors over her health and the health of their unborn child. They believed that God was the God of healing and was more powerful than the fear of death. They had several people lay hands on her body and prayers were prayed over the entire pregnancy. When she surpassed the 60% mark, they were not surprised. They were confident God was hearing how loud their faith was. When she made it to 90%, they felt the Lord's presence every time they had a concern for their child or Catie's health. At 99%, they delivered Noah, a beautiful, happy, filled-with-life, joyful baby boy. Our God is the strongest. He is the ultimate physician, even when fear is instilled in us with a negative diagnosis. Their son is proof that the chains of fear do not have to dictate life or death. 


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