On a very windy evening during Food Distribution Outreach, one of the teams received a miraculous testimony!  As the team was distributing food along one side of the street, one of the team members recognized a house across the street that they had blessed with Easter baskets the previous year.  With God’s direction, she led her team across the street, braving the wind, to revisit this home.  When they knocked on the door, the grandmother answered.  The team learned that there were a total of 15 people living in the tiny home, 9 of which were children.  The woman eagerly asked for prayer, and the team prayed for her finances and her large family.  After receiving prayer and groceries, the grandmother quickly added, “Hey!  I have to tell you something!  Last year when you guys gave me those Easter baskets, it was such a blessing to me.  However, the biggest blessing was that I asked you to pray for me because I had stage 4 cancer.”  Following their prayer that Easter, she had undergone surgery, only to receive a very surprising pathology report afterwards.  “It was NEGATIVE!” she proclaimed.  “There was NO cancer!  Prior to that, I had been given only a year to live! The doctors were thoroughly shocked that I did not have cancer after that, but I knew that God had healed me.  Since then, every day is a miracle!” she announced.  The team jubilantly celebrated in victory with her that cancer had been defeated, and they marveled at God’s goodness.  It was a stunning experience, and the team was overjoyed to receive this praise-worthy report!


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