While enjoying a Sunday service, a man was suddenly startled by a ringing in his ear.  “I haven’t had that in years! he thought.  It didn’t take long for him to recognize that the ringing wasn’t actually in his own ears.  Instead, God was highlighting someone else’s impairment to him.  At the end of the service, the man looked around to identify the individual God was highlighting.   His gaze fell on a man seated in the center of the sanctuary whom he had never met before.   Upon introducing himself, he learned the man’s name.  He asked the man if he needed prayer for anything.  The man's initial response was, “Nope.  I’m doing good, but you can pray for my family.”  He questioned, “Well, how about your ear?  What’s going on with your ear?”  The man shared that he has partial deafness in his left ear which was brought on from a serious ear infection when he was 6 years old.  Upon learning this, he laid hands on the man’s left ear and began praying for healing.  After his first prayer, the man stated that he could hear him rubbing his fingers together beside his ear.  He went on to pray a second time, which made the sound even clearer.  “Well, I’m just going to talk to you.  Go ahead and plug your other ear,” he instructed.  He proceeded to talk while the man plugged his right ear.  Moments later, the man said, “I can hear you, but it is still somewhat muffled.”  At that point, he grew bold and stuck his finger in the man’s ear.  While he did that, he continued to pray for deafness to break off and go.  At that very moment, he said he felt something go out of his finger.  The man exclaimed, “Dude!  That was crazy!  My right ear popped.  I felt something go through my head, and my right ear popped!”  He then instructed him to plug his right ear again.  The man excitedly declared, “I can hear perfectly clear out of my left ear!”  He experienced complete healing!  All deafness was gone, and he enjoyed perfect clarity in both ears.  What an incredible miracle!  Thank you, Jesus!  We can’t stop loving you!