On a Food Distribution Outreach, the team allowed God to lead them to specific homes to bless them with groceries and encouragement.  At one home, they met a woman.  After giving her groceries, the team offered to pray for her.  She informed them that they were an answer to her prayer!  She shared that she was completely out of food and had no money.  She had been praying for God to help her, and then the team showed up at her door!  She wanted to pray for them since they had been an answer to her prayer!

That same evening, as the team began to wrap up their food deliveries, one of the team members had a strong feeling that their work wasn’t done yet.  He felt that God really wanted to highlight a man with a left leg issue.  After sharing this with his teammates, they began knocking on a few additional doors.  That’s when they met a man who had an awful knee injury that was keeping him here in Casper.  As they talked with him, they learned that his parents had died and he didn’t have any family.  They were able to bless him with encouragement and let him know how much God loves him.  The man experienced his Father’s love that night!    

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