On a sunny Tuesday morning a team ventured out into the streets of Casper to minister to the community through a Treasure Hunt.  During these ministry efforts, we pray for clues to locate God’s “treasures.” Upon finding the highlighted individuals, we call out the gold in them and release healing through His presence. On this particular day, one of the team members was given the clues of “Nicolaysen Art Museum,” “man in a hat,” and “left knee.”  Another team member's clue was “man on a bench.”  As they approached the Nic, they encountered a man sitting on a bench behind the museum.  He had visible scars on his left knee.  The team approached the man and asked about his knee.  He shared that he was experiencing tremendous pain.  On a scale of 1-10, he identified his pain as a 20.  After receiving prayer from the team, he excitedly shared that his pain was at a 0!  It was completely gone!  The man marveled at the miracle healing he had just received.  His first-hand experience of God’s goodness had renewed his hope and reignited his faith in the Lord.  God is so good!