Once a month, the outreach team goes out into the streets of Casper to love on the community and share the goodness of God's love with the people. It was a beautiful warm summer evening, when the team went out to the newer part of North Casper. During their adventure, a couple of the team members met a lady, and quickly discovered that she spoke Spanish. One of the members stepped forward and began to speak and minister to her in Spanish. He then asked if they could also pray for her. She was happy to receive prayer and he began praying. As he continued to pray, another team member stood next to him and laid his hands upon him. While his team mate was praying he looked over and saw the woman's daughter sitting on the couch. He then received a word of knowledge and heard the Lord tell him to ask her if she was having relationship problems with her friends. After they were done praying, he turned to the daughter and said, "The Lord told me to ask you if you are having relationship problems with your friends, or a friend." The girl was astonished at the question and with excitement in her voice asked, "Oh my God, how did you know that?" He was then able to share with her that God loves and cares about her so much, that He sent the team over to pray for her and her relationship. She was amazed at the goodness of God, and that He showed up and was able to encounter that relationship for her.