Brad K., leader of HOPE's outreach group, felt like God highlighted to him a man sitting on a bench in a park while they were ministering in Riverton. He approached the man and asked if he could pray for him. The man shared that he had back pain. Brad was asking the man to rate his pain on a scale of zero to ten when another man overheard the conversation and came over screaming profanities. The man continued to interrupt, be irate, and scream

profanities. Brad could not talk sense to the guy. The man kept stating he didn't believe God was real, and he continued to be angry and was not making a lot of sense in his conversation. Brad asked if he could pray for him and release God's presence in a way the man could feel it. The man would not agree to that. God began to give Brad words of knowledge for this man and those words of knowledge opened the door in such a way that the man took hold of Brad's hand. When the man took Brad's hand, God spoke to Brad and said, "He lost a brother, and the hurt of that is what you are dealing with inside of this man." Brad began to pray for him and stated, "You lost a brother. And that was a huge loss in your life. You need to know that God saw you." Brad continued prophesying over this man who began to weep and cry and he gave his life to the Lord, right there. Brad was then able to return to the man on the bench that was having back pain. He boldly asked the man, "Would you like to give your life to the Lord?" The man replied, "Yes, I would." He began to inform the man that he would lead him through a prayer, and began praying a simple prayer with the man. The words, "Jesus, I make you the Lord of my life" were prayed and the man's eyes rolled back into the back of his head. The man then looked and growled at Brad and said, "You get your hands off me right now." So, Brad backed his hands off and he said, "My hands are off you." He began to plead the blood of Jesus over this man and within 10-15 seconds Brad felt the demon lift and the man's eyes rolled back forward. Brad made direct eye contact with him and said, "I lost you for a minute, are you with me?" And the man stated, "Yeah, I am." Brad said, "Would you like to give your life to the Lord, would you like to be born again?" The newly delivered man said, "Yes, I would." Thank you, Jesus! That day is written down in glory for him. He accepted God into his heart. The enemy was trying to distract, divert, and keep these two men from personally knowing and coming into a relationship with their Heavenly Father. Ultimately, the enemy lost and God won. Love won.