Led by God, the outreach team ended up in Riverton at a park full of teenagers. A couple members of the team were recognized by some of the teens from the juvenile detention center, which opened a door for them to connect. One of the teenagers had a friend with them and this teen's shirt became the topic of conversation with a few of the team members. The teen stated he was an atheist, to which one of the team members replied, "Oh, well, God loves you and there is nothing you can do about it." They continued to share about God with them until the teens felt they needed a break and broke away to continue skate boarding. One of the team members could sense God was not finished there. She called the teen who stated he was an atheist back over and said she wanted to talk to him. He came over, and they began to talk. God opened a door through some of the things the teen had shared about his Mom. The team released some prophetic words over this hungry teenager and another team member prayed and released a mother's blessing over him. When that blessing was released over him, his hurting heart responded in a very positive way. He became a fireball for the Lord, leading the team around to pray for others. He continued calling other kids over telling them they needed prayer. Talk about a life changing day of deliverance for him. God is so powerful!