Creative Salvation
Each week the Outreach team at HOPE goes out in the city wherever God leads them. This particular week they felt led to go to a specific apartment building here in Casper where they met a man named Les. One of the team members felt like he should share with the man that he sensed something about a train and asked the man if that made sense to him. Les shared with the team that he had been recording the sounds of trains and making some music and doing creative things with it. He was touched that God would know what he was up to. The weekend after this encounter HOPE was having a conference that Les was unaware of. He was sitting at home and something stirred in his heart that was coaxing him to go to the church of the people that prayed for him. So, he obediently went. It is a good thing he listened to what God was speaking to his heart because he got saved that night he chose to come to HOPE. He later ended up sharing with Brad and Jake from the Outreach team that he had not just been recording sounds of the train but that he had thoughts that night of laying on the train tracks and was struggling with the idea of taking his own life. When Jake had mentioned the word "train" to him he felt something change within him and decided he was not going to take his own life. Jesus was lovingly chasing Les. He loved him so much that He sent people to his door and spoke into his life that God cares and knows his specific struggles. God has so much more for Les. We are so grateful that Les made the choice to open his heart to God's care and love.