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Cabin Fever Becomes Cabin Favor

John and Janet Hoyt, long-time Family members of HOPE, had a dream. Their dream was to own a cabin on Casper Mountain. John often spoke of this dream, but Janet felt a sense of powerlessness, as she knew, financially, they could never afford it. One day, Janet, had an idea to write down their dream and put it in the “dream jar” at church for prayer.  She thought this would be a safe place for it to stay. John loved the idea of putting their dream in the jar, but he didn’t let the dream stay buried in the jar. John printed off pictures of every single mountain cabin for sale at the time. He posted pictures throughout their house. He explained to their children that, God wants us to dream big dreams, and He wants us to have faith that He will help us make those dreams come true.  He had them pray for the dream every night. The kids were on board! 

Janet was concerned because she wanted to protect her family from disappointment.  To her, the dream was distant, an “in the future” idea. Slowly, Janet began to question if she really believed God could do something like this for them?  She asked, “Can I risk believing God for this, knowing I might be disappointed?  Has He ever let me down before?”  God reminded Janet of so many dreams He had given her in the past, how amazing He is and how much He wants to bless them. Janet began to realize how, although her logical and practical ability to manage their finances had served them well, it was now inhibiting her from being able to dream beyond her own abilities. Janet knew the value of careful planning and financial stewardship, but now God was teaching her the value of dreaming beyond the possible.  She decided that if God wanted to give them a cabin on the mountain, she would let Him. All she needed to do wastrust that He is able. She knew that God is not a disappointing God, so she let go of the need to protect her family’s hearts from disappointment. She began to embrace the idea of owning a cabin on the mountain. And she began dreaming of different ways she could use the cabin.

One day, while John and Janet were having a kid-less day snowmobiling, they stumbled upon a “For Sale” sign to a cabin and they decided take a peek. It was an A frame cabin with several amenities including a tall brick fire pit in the back. The minute they saw it, they had a vision of them all gathering around it, worshipping God together.  They looked at the price and all of a sudden their world shifted.  Janet thought, “No way!"  As she looked up at the bright blue sky the seed of possibility actually took root in her heart. Up to that point, Janet had faith that God could provide a mountain cabin, but it was not until that point that she actually considered the idea that God would provide a mountain cabin.  Two days later, Janet came home, and John said, “It’s ours." Abba Father made a way, gave them their dream, and they now own a mountain cabin!

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