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"Five Guys" Treasure Hunt Testimony

On a recent Treasure Hunting Outreach, Carrie had the clue of Five Guys Burger and Fries. The team was looking for someone named Lindsey or Mike. They quickly found Mike, because he was an employee there! They were able to pray for him and many others in the crowded restaurant. 

One gentleman had a stomach ailment, and he shared that the doctors didn't know what it was or how to treat him. The team prayed boldly for him right in the middle of the restaurant. 

Another customer was waiting for her order and the team started talking to her and someone asked if she had horses, and found out that she lives on a ranch. So they blessed her and her family. It was much later, when they looked at their maps again, they discovered someone had "horses" on their list.

There was another couple that was highlighted to the team at Five Guys Burger, but they didn’t have opportunity to minister to them.  A little while later, the team was at Wal-Mart and behold - there was that same couple!  The team approached them and it was a powerful time of ministry and prayer.