Thrive outlines specific maturity indicators and gives practical skills and exercises to develop 19 essential brain relational skills including building joy, quieting negative emotions, creating healthy attachments, synchronizing with others, and managing cravings.  The Thrive Modules are sequential, and usually meet once a week for 10-12 weeks.  HOPE currently offers the following modules:  Life Model, Restarting, and Belonging.

Life Model "Living From The Heart Jesus Gave You"

Life Model "Living From The Heart Jesus Gave You"

The Life Model

This module is an introduction to the concepts of wholeness and maturity.  It outlines specific maturity indicators necessary for healthy relational and community growth.  The Life Model includes five things people need in order to thrive:

  • A place to belong
  • To receive and give life
  • The capacity to recover from difficult emotions and trauma
  • Maturity
  • Learning to know and live from our true hearts
Restarting Workbook

Restarting Workbook


This module teaches how to build joyful relationships and secure attachments to God and people.  It uses practical exercises to practice building true joy instead of using false joy sources, such as cravings, addictions, and repetitive behaviors.  This module also covers the concepts of returning to joy from difficult emotions, Immanuel Presence healing, and the process of synchronizing with others.

Belonging Student Workbook

Belonging Student Workbook


Belonging is the joy we create around ourselves!  It is not something we wait for others to do for us.  This module dives into the ways we are each uniquely gifted and equipped to create authentic, joyful relationships in our own lives.  Building on the concepts from the previous two modules, this module gives practical steps to creating a lifestyle of joy and shalom, while continuing the process of maturity.   

Director of Thrive Ministries

Janet Hoyt

Schedule of Classes

Look for registration for Thrive Classes coming soon!  

Classes are sequential and must be taken in the order of the modules.

Please contact the Thrive Director, Janet Hoyt, or the HOPE office (307-472-HOPE)  with any questions or inquiries.


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