Identity in Christ

  • We are a new creation.
  • We have freedom and responsibility.
  • We are Sons and Daughters of God with access to all that is His.

God is Good

  • God is the perfect, loving Father.
  • God desires for us to be healthy and whole in our body, mind, and spirit.
  • God is generous and wants us to prosper in every area.

Revival culture

  • We seek His Presence and live to know Him and make Him known. 
  • We believe God's Word transforms us and He still speaks today.
  • We value serving as Jesus did, empowered by the Holy Spirit and demonstrating God's power and love to our community and the world. 

Healthy Family

  • We choose to honor all people.
  • We work towards vulnerable, authentic, transparent, empowering relationships.
  • We are flexible in structure and organization.